CERN Short-Term Internship 2023-24 in Switzerland – Apply Now

Looking for CERN Paid internship program?  First of all, we will explain the internship then we will further explain about CERN short-term internship.

What is an internship?

“An internship is a learning experience where students are offered very meaningful practical work according to their field or occupation interest.”

A short-term internship is especially for students who want to be experienced in a short time, during their degree.

About CERN

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, in this Organization engineers and physicists are piercing the basic structure of the Universe. The instruments they use are the world’s most complex and largest instruments. They study the matter and its consequences. Where the fundamental particles of matter collide closely to the speed of this way particles give clues to physicists about how they collide with each other and provide perception about the law of nature.

CERN’s established value and integral part have gained diversity. CERN Organization has different missions but one of the main missions of this organization is Education. Their experts love sharing their knowledge worldwide and especially with the students who havahaveassion for it.

It will give the students an amazing experience for their internship. That will make their CV more impressive to the readers.

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CERN Short-Term Internship

CERN is a short-term paid internship in Europe. If you are also looking for an internship at the international level then you should visit “CERN”. This is one of the best short-term internship programs. From where you can kick start your career. Special about CERN is that this organization is situated in one of the European countries. The eligible students must apply first for a paid short-term internship.

Details for CERN short-term internship 2023-2024:

  • Institute name: CERN
  • Country name: Switzerland
  • City name: Geneva
  • Type of program: internship
  • Duration period: Starting from a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of six months
  • Age restriction: students above 18 can apply for this short-term internship
  •  Deadline: the deadline is ongoing

Benefits of learning from CERN Paid  Organization

The learning experience from the CERN has uncountable benefits. Students are studying professionally and the mentors are experienced and well-known for their experience level. The best thing about it is that the students will work among the best and most professional researchers.

Students will be receiving n allowance of 1,516 Swiss francs per month. The students who are undergrad should apply for this amazing opportunity to take lots of advantages.

The short internship at t CERN 2023, in Switzerland, is a merit-based selection without any perception which is why the Organization of CERN is the most better or you can say best opportunity or chance for highly motivated students, so they should of course never miss this opportunity where they can learn and experience professionally.

This is the aim of CERN to give more and more facilities to deserving students so they will gain more knowledge of matter components. And it will be a very nice addition to their CV.

CERN has the most expensive particle physics laboratory in the world. Saying this will not be wrong that CERN provides its best to the learners through the source of their professional mentors.

The students who are applying in Geneva must have complete insurance in this area where they can easily cover unexpected accidents like illness. CERN offers these amazing opportunities such as learning opportunities, administrative internship programs for stu,d ents and technical internships for the students who are learning in the CERN organization in Switzerland. CERN Organization is one of the best opportunities for a student to take a good start on his or her career.

This is also an opportunity to live in Switzerland for a short period.

Duration of short-term internship

The duration of this short-term paid internship is very short starting from 1 month to six months which means this duration minimum is of 1 month and the maximum is of 6 months.

Criteria of eligibility for CERN short-term internship 2023

CERN paid internships are:

  • The students who are applying must have a good knowledge of English or French.
  • It is to be noted that the candidates who are currently studying for a Ph.D. can’t be applicable or eligible for the internship.
  • Applicants must start from the age of 18 and must be completely full-time undergraduate students.
  • The main field of study of the student should be from one of the following sections: those are applied physics, civil engineering, mathematics, computing, surveying, electricity, radiation protection, instrumentation, scientific communication, safety and environmental protection, and ultra-high vacuum.
  • After completion of the CERN short-term internship students will be returning to their educational establishment.
  • The work you are performing at CERN must be an obligatory part of your studies. For example, whatever you are learning at CERN must be a related part of your studies.

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