Curry College Tuition and Fees for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

Find out all about the costs at Curry College for the year 2024-2025. Learn about how  much curry college tuition and fees are, whether you’re staying on campus or commuting. See the different kinds of costs and get an idea of what you might need to pay.

Discover special things to know, like allowances and extra fees for certain classes. Get the lowdown on how financial aid works and what you need to pay attention to.

Find out about rules and tips for managing your student account. Learn how long most students take to finish their studies and what the average student debt looks like when they’re done.

This guide is here to help you understand the financial aid of going to college at Curry.

Curry College Tuition and Fees for the 2024-2025 Academic Year
Cost breakdown at Curry College (2024-2025): Understand tuition, fees, and more for a budget-friendly college journey

Tuition and Fees at Curry College

1. Tuition for 12-18 Credits:

  • Resident: $43,670
  • Commuter: $43,670
  • Over 18 credits: Additional $1,456/credit

2. Comprehensive Fee (Full-Time Students):

  • Resident: $2,150
  • Commuter: $2,150
  • Mandatory fee for various academic and support services.

3. Room and Board (Resident Students):

  • Room (Standard double): $9,950
  • Board (14 meals/week): $7,650
  • Options for different meal plans available with associated costs.

4. Total Cost (exclusive of PAL):

  • Resident: $63,420
  • Commuter: $45,820

5. Part-Time Day Degree Tuition:

  • $1,456/credit for both Resident and Commuter students.

6. Comprehensive Fee (Part-Time Students):

  • $484 for both Resident and Commuter students (enrolled less than 12 credits).

7. PAL Fees (if applicable):

  • PAL Credit Bearing: $8,010
  • PAL Non-Credit Bearing: $7,825
  • PAL Supportive Fee: $4,215

Additional Information:

  • First-time students add $400 for the Orientation fee.
  • PAL Fee is additional to full-time tuition, with different rates for credit and non-credit bearing courses.

Curry College Tuition and Fees Explained:

Comprehensive Fee:

  • Mandatory semester-based fee supporting co-curricular and support services for full-time traditional students.

Orientation Fee:

  • Required for all new students covering summer and fall orientation programs.

Room and Board Options:

  • Total cost based on a standard double room and 14 meals per week. Different options available with varying costs.


  • The provided information covers the essential details about tuition, fees, and associated costs at Curry College. For more specific details or personalized information, please contact the college’s financial services.

Additional Cost Considerations:

  1. Room and Board Options:
    • The mentioned total cost for resident students is based on a standard double room and 14 meals per week. It’s important to note that alternative options, such as a single occupancy room or a meal plan with 17 meals per week, may incur additional fees. The total cost could increase by $830 for the 17-meal plan or by $2,685 for a single occupancy room. Students should consider their preferences and budget accordingly.
  2. PAL Fees (if applicable):
    • PAL (Program for Advancement of Learning) Fees are outlined separately. Depending on whether the course is credit-bearing or non-credit-bearing, students may face additional costs. Additionally, there is a supportive PAL fee. Students considering PAL courses should factor in these fees to accurately estimate their total expenses.
  3. First-Time Students:
    • First-time students are required to pay an additional $400 for the Orientation fee. This fee covers both summer and fall orientation programs, supporting a smooth transition into college life.
  4. Part-Time Students:
    • Part-time students (enrolled in less than 12 credits) are subject to a reduced Comprehensive Fee, making education more accessible for those with a part-time course load. Tuition is calculated on a per-credit basis.

Important Notes:

  • All students, whether full-time or part-time, are obligated to pay the Comprehensive Fee, providing access to various co-curricular and support services on campus.
  • Tuition rates for part-time day degree programs are consistent for both resident and commuter students.

Curry college Housing costs (2023-2024)

Annual Residence Hall Costs

  1. Standard Room:
    • Multiple Occupancy: $9,950
    • Single Occupancy: $12,635
  2. Suites:
    • Multiple Occupancy: $12,625
  3. SCRH (South Campus Residence Hall):
    • Multiple Occupancy: $12,625
    • Single Occupancy: $15,295
  4. Alexander Graham Bell Hall:
    • Multiple Occupancy: $11,805
    • Single Occupancy: $14,455

Housing Deposits

To secure on-campus housing, a housing deposit of $300 is required.

Entering Students:

  • All new students must make the housing deposit when submitting their admission deposit.
  • The housing deposit is included in the $500 resident student deposit. For commuting entering students, a $200 deposit is made at the time of admission.

For questions regarding the admission deposit process, contact the Office of Admission.

Continuing Students:

  • Continuing students need to submit a $300 housing deposit to secure on-campus housing.

For details about the housing deposit and room selection process, log in to myCurry and review information under the Student Life tab. Or below:

Costs of Attendance at Curry College

Figuring out how much help you can get for college depends on the total cost minus what your family can pay. This includes direct costs like tuition and fees, and indirect costs like books and transportation.

Direct Costs (Actual Expenses for 2023-2024):

Category Resident Commuter
Tuition $45,370 $45,370
Mandatory Fees $2,100 $2,100
Student Activity Fee $100 $100
Food/Housing (avg.) $18,850

Average Indirect Costs:

Category Resident Commuter
Books/Supplies $1,100 $1,100
Personal $1,200 $1,200
Transportation $1,000 $1,450
Food/Housing Allowance $2,200

Total Cost:

Total Resident Commuter
Total Cost $69,720 $53,520

Food and Housing costs are based on what students usually spend; you might pay more depending on your room and food choices.

Special Things to Note:

  • Living Off-Campus Allowance: If you live off-campus and can prove it, your allowance goes up to $10,400, making the total cost $61,720.
  • PAL Fee (if needed): If you’re in PAL courses, there’s an extra fee – $8,320 for credit courses and $8,130 for non-credit. If you get extra support from PAL, it’s another $4,380.
  • Extra Costs: If you study Graphic Design, there’s a $3,308 fee for a laptop. Nursing students have an extra fee for clinical stuff.
  • New Student Orientation: When you start, there’s a $400 fee for all new students.

Money Stuff:

More Rules:

Normal Time at College:

  • Most students take about four years to finish their studies.

Money Borrowed by Students:

  • The usual student loan debt when finishing is around $37,476. (If there’s more, check the next page.)

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