Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 2023 Application Update

Honjo International Scholarship Foundation provides you a study adventure in Japan. The good news! Scholarship programs are still open for aspiring recipients. In this article, we’ll look at the scholarship in detail to help you realize it’s benefits and learn it’s step by step application process.

Honjo International Students scholarship is open for application by international students studying or planning to study in a Japanese graduate school for a doctoral or master’s degree. If applicants gain access to a Japanese graduate school, they are free to submit their applications from abroad.

This opportunity is open to students from all nationalities and research fields. So, applicants can apply directly to the foundation even without pre-selection by the university. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation is offering fully funded scholarships for international students for 2023-2024 session.

About Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

Honjo International Scholarship Foundation


Honjo International Scholarship Foundation aims at providing scholarships to bright scholars experiencing difficulties in their academic journey. This scholarship targets Japanese scholars studying from abroad as well as students from developing countries.

The primary goal of Honjo International Scholarship Foundation is to help struggling students improve their potential through advanced technologies. Additionally, the foundation is a bridge linking Japan to the rest of the world through culture and mutual friendships.

Benefits of the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

Being a recipient of Honjo International Scholarship Foundation presents you to a couple of benefits, which includes the following:

  • Monthly ¥200,000 for 1 to 2 years.
  • Monthly ¥180,000 for 3 years.
  • Monthly ¥150,000 for 4 to 5 years.
  • Travel expenses for going to an international conference.
  • The privilege to gain part-time jobs related to your studies such as teaching assistant, research assistant, or any other regarding international exchange affairs.

Requirements For You To Access The Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

To qualify for Honjo International Scholarship Foundation, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a speaker of English or Japanese languages.
  • Be a legal citizen in any country in the world.
  • Be in a position to submit a research plan. Students enrolling in professional graduate schools aren’t qualified to apply.
  • If you’re applying for a PhD program, you must be born after 31st August, 1984. Conversely, you must be born after 31st August, 1989 to qualify for a master’s program.
  • You must have a strong will to serve in your home country after graduation. However, you’re not forced to return to your home country immediately after graduating, nor must you have a guaranteed job offer after graduation.
  • You must possess a strong understanding of international unity and goodwill, and attend all events the foundation organizes and participate in the network as an alumni member.
  • You must be willing to learn the Japanese language because the foundation expects you to carry out a daily conversation in Japanese. Besides, all interviews are conducted in Japanese with no exception.

Required Documents by the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation 

The eligibility criteria in the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation requires all applicants to have the following documents:

  • An academic transcript from your graduate university, and from additional courses that you may have taken in the past. You must also present scripts of your initial university if you transferred from it to the one you graduated from.
  • A scholarship form of application, a resume, and a form bearing your personal data. Ensure you attach your photo to the application form. You can access the application forms from the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation website, which you should fill in Japanese.
  • Your research plan, showing you research outline, an estimate of time between now and graduation, your plans and future objectives, and any research that you may have conducted in the past.
  • A recommendation letter from your academic supervisor, capturing your academic achievements, personality, and your potential for the future.
  • Your enrollment letter or certificate of admission. You can also note down the planned date of examination or announcement of results at the bottom of your application form if the entry examination is yet to be done. Please attach a certificate of present enrollment if you’re already enrolling into a graduate school.
  • Please provide 1, 4 & 5 in Japanese or English. So use a translated to change the language of the sections if they’re in other languages.

Honjo International Scholarship Application Deadline

Application for the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation is still open. The deadline for the application is on 30th April, 2023. An extended deadline for the applications runs up to 31st August, 2023.

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