Melbourne research scholarships 2023-24 | Fully Funded

Melbourne research scholarships are for all students across the globe. Fill out your online application form to get selected for the fully Funded Scholarship. 100% free scholarship | Complete Guide

Different universities in Melbourne (Australia) are offering research scholarships. These Melbourne research scholarships are fully funded to help the students to pursue their studies in Melbourne, Australia. With the aid of Melbourne research scholarship, students can continue their master’s or doctorate degrees.

Melbourne research scholarship offers students a stipend and fee allowances to master’s degree students for two years and four years for doctorate students. This Scholarship is showing 100% fee subsidence up to 110,000 USD.

All international students who want to study in Australia are eligible for this Scholarship. Only the University of Melbourne offers almost 350 scholarships to all eligible international students to study in Melbourne.

All international students, including non-English countries students, can apply for this Scholarship if they meet the TOFEL requirements. This Scholarship grants students the relocation allowance for international students to move to Australia.

Melbourne Research Scholarships

The University of Melbourne has different scholarships to assist students in pursuing their education without worrying about tuition fees and living allowances. Complete your online application form; if you successfully selected for Melbourne university, you’ll be automatically be considered for a research scholarship.Melbourne research scholarships

Other scholarships include:

Endeavour: The government of Australia is offering Endeavour scholarships for the citizens of Australia and overseas students to guarantee research or study. These scholarships are competitive and merit-based.

Traveling: Travelling scholarships are only for students studying at foreign institutions.

Other Treasuries: Other scholarships are faculty-based scholarships offered by faculties on your academic achievement. These scholarships include your living expenses and tuition fees.

Eligibility Criteria for Melbourne Research Scholarships

You can apply for a Melbourne research scholarship from anywhere worldwide and continue your study via the Melbourne research scholarship. You are eligible to apply for the Scholarship if you fulfil the below mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • You must be speaking English.
  • You can apply from any country across the world.
  • Check the visa conditions for students.

NOTE: If you are from a country where your language is other than English, you must have IELTS or TOFEL certificate. To study for less than one year in university, you’ll have to apply as a study abroad student.

Melbourne Research Scholarships | Field of Study

Courses Programmed: 

The University of Melbourne offers research scholarships for all study areas or fields. Some of the significant study fields are as follows:

  • Arts (Social Science and Humanities)
  • Architecture (Building, Designing, and planning)
  • Education
  • Economics & Business
  • Environment
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Health
  • IT (Information & Technology)
  • CS (Computer Science)
  • Music (Performing & Visual Arts)

What Documents Are Required to Apply for Melbourne Research Scholarships?

An applicant is required to have the below-given documents if he is willing to get the Melbourne research scholarships:

  • Applicant’s resume or curriculum vitae (Academic)
  • Previous study documents (Transcripts)
  • Applicant’s purpose statement
  • Applicant’s Research proposal
  • Final Year Project (Previous Study)
  • English-speaking certificates (IELTS or TOFEL)

How To Apply for the Melbourne Research scholarships?

Students from all over the world willing to study in Melbourne can apply for this Scholarship by following these few simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the official webpage of the University of Melbourne and select the course you want to study.

Step 2: If you’re already studying at the University of Melbourne, fill out your application form by visiting your online student portal. Or, if you have not studied previously at the University of Melbourne, click here to register.

Step 3: Proceed with your application by entering your personal information, including:

Name and Contact Details.

Residential Address.

Citizenship and Country Details.

Step 4: Check the terms and condition box.

Step 5: Add your previous study details.

Step 6: Click on Proceed with Application.

Step 7: Select your desired course.

Step 8: Add your previous results (transcripts or certificates in the form of JPEG, PNG, and PDF).

Step 9: Confirm your added details and confirm your application.

Step 10: Look for a scholarship.

Step 11: Look for accommodation.

Keep checking your entered e-mail for further details.

Here is the Official Website :

Benefits of the Melbourne Research Scholarships

Selected applicants for the Melbourne research scholarship will secure the following benefits:

  • All the applicants who have applied for master’s or doctorate programs will secure a 100% tuition fee subsidence for the whole academic year.
  • Besides tuition fee remission, this Scholarship includes a living allowance of up to 34,400 USD/Year. Two years allowance will be granted to the applicants who applied for the master’s degree program & three-and-a-half-year residential allowance will be awarded to the doctorate students.
  • Students can get a relocation allowance of up to 2000-3000 USD to move from their current residential area to other areas depending on the desired location.
  • Home research applicants will be granted a proposal for an RTPS (Research Training Program Scholarship).
  • Melbourne research scholarship is beneficial for both domestic applicants and overseas applicants.


All students across the globe are eligible to apply for the Melbourne research scholarship. This fully funded Scholarship secures all the significant fields of study, including agriculture, arts, Environment, Health, and computer science.

You can apply for the Melbourne research scholarship by visiting the official webpage. But if you are already enrolled at the Melbourne university, visit your online student portal to proceed with your research scholarship.

All the overseas students will get a 100% tuition fee subsidence and residential allowance. Selected students can also get a relocation grant of up to 3000 USD.


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FAQs | Melbourne Research Scholarships

How Can I Apply For Melbourne Research Scholarships?

Everybody across the globe is eligible for a Melbourne research scholarships. Complete your online application form by visiting the official webpage of the university and wait for the response from the university.

Can I Still Apply for The Melbourne Scholarship If My Final Result Has Yet To Be Announced?

Yes, you can apply for the Melbourne research scholarships even if your final result is not announced. You must upload your most recent result copies on the online application portal.

What Are the Benefits of the Melbourne Research Scholarships?

All the applicants will get 100% subsidence of tuition fee and will be granted a residential allowance.


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