BHAD Scholarships 2024: $1.7 Million Award Program

Bhad Bhabie fully sponsors the BHAD Scholarships Application 2024, offering a $1.7 million award program.

We are inviting applications from qualified individuals for the BHAD Scholarships 2024, which offers a $1.7 million award program. See the eligibility criteria, requirements, Deadlines, and how to apply below

BHAD Scholarships 2024

About the BHAD Scholarships

The BHAD Scholarship is a program designed to provide financial support to students pursuing trade school education and graduates aiming to start their own businesses. Here’s a breakdown of what the scholarship offers and how it works:

Scholarship overview

The BHAD Scholarship offers several financial aid options:

Scholarship details Amount Recipients Purpose
$1,000 Scholarships $1,000,000 1,000 trade school Financial support for trade school students
$10,000 Startup Capital Scholarships $500,000 50 graduates Funding for entrepre neurial ventures
$10,000 Full-Ride Scholarships $200,000 Graduates Covers local trade school or higher education

Eligibility Criteria for the $1.7M Bhad Scholarships Award

To be eligible for the $1.7M Bhad Scholarship Award, you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. You must have graduated from The Bhad Scholarship Award.
  2. You should have maintained a grade of “B” or higher.
  3. You need to have an attendance rate of at least 90%.
  4. Any extra conditions set by your instructor must also be met.
  5. You should have received an invitation code*.

Note: These criteria are important for qualification.

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How does the BHAD Scholarship work?

Recipients of the BHAD Scholarship receive $1,000 towards their trade school education. The school you attend will be matched based on your program choice, tuition financing preferences, and program availability.

How to Apply for the $10,000 Business Startup Grant or Full-Ride:

If you meet the academic requirements when you graduate, you’ll get an invitation code.

School Partners:

We team up with nationally accredited schools all across the country. Some of our partners include Berkeley College, CUNY, Rutgers University, and more.

Already Enrolled in School?

This scholarship is only for new students.

Tuition Balance Responsibility and Payment Plans:

You’re responsible for paying any remaining tuition fees. Most schools offer financial aid options, including monthly payment plans.

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Next Steps:

To apply, just click the “Apply” button below.

How to Apply for the BHAD Scholarships Program:

Scholarship Application Form

This form is used exclusively by the Educapital Foundation to choose scholarship recipients. Please make sure to provide all the necessary information about your college and career plans, your activities, and your financial situation.

Official Website Link Below

Contact for Questions:

If you have more questions, please reach out to Michelle Miller at the Educapital Foundation by emailing


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