Apply for UNIFAST Scholarship Program 2024-2025 Application Form

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) UNIFAST Scholarship program is currently open for applications from eligible candidates for the academic year 2024-2025.

The UniFAST Scholarship application Program 2024 is open. If you’re interested, check if you meet the requirements, find out what documents to prepare, know the deadline, and learn how to apply by reading the details below.

CHED UniFAST Scholarship Program Application

About the CHED-UniFAST Scholarship

The UNIFAST Scholarship, which stands for the Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Tertiary Education (UNIFAST), is a government initiative in the Philippines aimed at providing financial assistance to eligible Filipino students pursuing tertiary education.

This scholarship program was established to ensure that qualified students have access to affordable and equitable education opportunities.

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UniFAST Scholarship Eligibility Requirements/ Qualifications

To be eligible for the scholarship, a student must meet the following qualifications:

6.1. Be a Filipino Citizen.

6.2. For high school students: Graduating or already graduated with a General Weighted Average Grade (GWA) of 85% or equivalent. For college students: Must have earned academic units relevant to identified degree programs with a GWA of 85% the previous semester or its equivalent.

6.3. Pass the entry requirements of identified State Universities and Colleges (SUCs).

6.4. Not be a recipient of any government-funded financial assistance program.

6.5. For applicants with privately funded scholarships covering only tuition fees, must meet the entry requirements of the private higher education institution (HEI).

6.6. Must be a duly registered coconut farmer in the National Coconut Farmers Registry System (NCFRS) or a dependent of such a farmer.

6.7. The combined annual gross income of parents should not exceed ₱300,000.00.

In cases where the income exceeds ₱300,000.00, the CHED Regional Office (CHEDRO) will review the application. Cases involving family members with medical issues or having two or more dependents enrolled in college may be considered on merit.

Documentary Requirements (Scanned/Digitized Copy):

7.1. Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority.

7.2. Academic documents:

  • For senior high school students: Certified true copy of grades for Grade 11 and the first semester of Grade 12.
  • For senior high school graduates: Form 138.
  • For college applicants: Certified copy of grades for the latest semester/term attended.

7.3. PCA Certification. Only one family member is allowed to apply for the scholarship.

7.4. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the last school attended.

7.5. Proof of Income – any of the following:

  • Latest Income Tax Return (ITR) of applicant and/or spouse/parents/guardians if employed.
  • Certificate of Tax Exemption from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).
  • Certificate of No Income from BIR.
  • Certificate of Indigence from their Barangay.
  • Certificate/Case Study from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

7.6. Notice of admission from the HEI with collegiate degree offerings.

7.7. Proof that the student applicant belonged to special group/s (if applicable).

7.8. Original Barangay Certification that parents/guardians and siblings had never attended college/university (if applicable).

UNIFAST Highlights and Benefits:

UniFAST provides full scholarships to eligible students, which include covering tuition and other fees at State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and CHED-recognized Local Universities and Colleges (LUCs). Additionally, students facing financial need have the option to apply for short-term loans.

In essence, the UniFAST Scholarship aims to assist Filipino students by offering free education and financial assistance through loans when required.

There are four main program categories established under Republic Act 10931:

  1. Free Higher Education (FHE): This category encompasses various fees such as admission, athletic, computer, cultural, and more.
  2. Free Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET): Designed for students enrolled in their initial post-secondary TESDA-registered TVET programs.
  3. Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES): This program supports undergraduate students studying in SUCs, LUCs, and private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). It includes covering tuition fees and other educational expenses.
  4. Student Loan Program for Tertiary Education Short-Term (SLPTE-ST): This initiative provides short-term loans to undergraduate and graduate students, including those pursuing degrees in medicine and law.

CHED UniFAST Scholarship Program Priority Courses include:

  1. Engineering and Technology:
    • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
    • Ceramic Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Electronics Engineering / Electronics and Communications Engineering
    • Food Engineering
    • Geodetic Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Manufacturing / Production Engineering
    • Materials Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Metallurgical Engineering
    • Mining Engineering
    • Petroleum Engineering
    • Robotics Engineering
    • Sanitary Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Aircraft Maintenance Technology
    • Aviation Related Programs
    • Engineering Technology
    • Industrial Technology
    • Mechatronics Engineering Technology
  2. Information Technology Education:
    • Computer Science
    • Cyber Security
    • Entertainment and Multimedia Computing / Game Development and Animation
    • Information System
    • Information Technology
    • Library and Information Science
  3. Science and Mathematics:
    • Applied Physics / Physics
    • Applied Mathematics / Mathematics
    • Applied Statistics / Statistics
    • Biochemistry
    • Biology
    • Botany
    • Chemistry
    • Environmental Science
    • Geology
    • Human Biology
    • Marine Biology
    • Marine Science
    • Meteorology
    • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  4. Architecture and Related Programs:
    • Architecture
    • Fine Arts
    • Interior Design
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Environmental Planning
  5. Business and Management:
    • Accountancy
    • Business Analytics (straight major)
    • Hospitality Management / Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Tourism Management / Tourism
  6. Maritime Education:
    • Maritime Engineering
    • Marine Transportation
  7. Teacher Education:
    • Secondary Education major in Science and Mathematics
    • Culture and Arts
    • Early Childhood Education
    • Special Needs Education
    • Sports and Exercise Science
    • Health Profession Education
  8. Health Sciences:
    • Doctor of Dental Medicine
    • Doctor Of Optometry
    • Medical Technology / Medical Laboratory Science
    • Midwifery
    • Nursing
    • Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Pharmacy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Radiologic Technology
    • Respiratory Therapy
    • Speech Language Pathology
  9. Social Sciences:
    • Community Development
    • Human Services (Guidance and Counselling)
    • Indigenous Peoples Studies / Education
    • Peace Studies / Education
    • Psychology
    • Social Work
  10. Multi and Interdisciplinary Cluster:
    • Agribusiness
    • Agro-forestry
    • Data Science and Analytics
    • Disaster Risk Management / Climate Change
    • Renewable / Sustainable Energy

UniFAST Scholarship 2024 Application Deadline 

The deadline for the 2024-2024 UniFAST Scholarships is March 2024. Make sure to apply online before this date.

Watch Tertiary Education Subsidy  video – UniFAST Scholarship  

How to Apply for UNIFAST Scholarship Application Form 2024

Step-by-step guide on applying for the UNIFAST Scholarship Program in 2024:

Step 1: Go to the Official CHED-UniFAST Scholarship Portal

Start by visiting the website where you can apply for the scholarship. You can find it by typing the web address into your internet browser.

Step 2: Make Your Account

Once you’re on the website, find the option to create an account. Click on it and give the information they ask for, like your name and email. This helps them know who you are.

Step 3: Log In and See Your Application Area

After making your account, log in using the details you just gave. This will take you to the place where you fill out your application.

Step 4: Complete Your Application Form

In your application area, there will be a form to fill out. Put in all the information they ask for. This might include things about your school and yourself. Take your time to do it right.

Step 5: Check Your Application

Before you finish, look over what you wrote to make sure everything is correct. Make sure you attached all the papers they need.

Step 6: Send Your Application

When you’re sure everything is good, hit the button to send your application. They’ll let you know they got it.

Step 7: Wait to Hear Back

Now, all you have to do is wait. The people in charge will look at your application and tell you what happens next. Check your email often for any updates.

By following these steps, you’re on your way to applying for the UNIFAST Scholarship in 2024. Good luck!

Note: This is your only chance to get a quality education through the UniFAST Scholarships Application. Apply now and secure your future.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What does the application form include?

The UNIFAST Scholarship application form gathers essential information about applicants, including academic achievements, financial background, and aspirations for higher education.

What disciplines does the CHED scholarship program cover?

The scholarship program covers a wide range of disciplines, including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, humanities, social sciences, and more.

Is the UNIFAST scholarship program based on merit or financial need?

The UNIFAST scholarships in the Philippines are usually given based on financial need, meaning they prioritize helping students from families with lower incomes who might struggle with the costs of higher education.

What is the significance of the UNIFAST Scholarship for students in the Philippines?

The UNIFAST Scholarship is vital for Filipino students because:

  1. Financial Help: It gives money to students who might struggle to pay for college.
  2. Equal Chance: It helps make sure everyone has a fair shot at higher education, no matter their family’s money situation.
  3. Skill Building: Students learn important skills, making it easier to find good jobs.
  4. Less Quitting: It reduces the number of students leaving school because they can’t afford it.
  5. Country Growth: By helping students, UNIFAST helps the whole country grow and get better.
  6. Moving Up: It helps people from all backgrounds move up in society by giving them a chance for education.

CHED is asking private colleges and universities to submit their TES billing if they haven’t done so already.

CHED UniFAST Download PDF File

CHED and UniFAST are urging private higher education institutions (HEIs) that haven’t submitted their Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) billing at the TMS Portal to do so promptly. The Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) processes and endorses TES billing claims to CHED and UniFAST for payment. The delay in billing submissions has led to a postponement in disbursing TES stipends for the Academic Year 2019-2020.

A list released by CHED on june 9, 2020, identified 264 private HEIs with no billing submissions, affecting over 6,000 TES grantees awaiting their government educational subsidy.

As of now, the number has reduced to approximately 46 private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) out of over a thousand participating private schools involved in the TES Program.

According to PEAC, ten of these schools are in the process of preparing their billing documents, while 36 have been contacted but have not provided any response or explanation for their delayed submissions.

J. Prospero E. De Vera III, the Chairman of CHED and UniFAST Board, emphasized the importance of these submissions, stating that the TES funds cannot be disbursed to eligible student-grantees if their respective private HEIs have not completed the necessary submissions.

The delay in financial assistance is particularly critical as the new academic year has begun, and students are awaiting the support.

Despite the nationwide community quarantine, CHED regional offices successfully processed TES grants for compliant private HEIs.

However, some HEIs faced challenges in meeting requirements due to restrictions and disruptions in their normal operations.

Expressing serious concern over the non-compliance of these HEIs, J. Prospero E. De Vera III, Chairman of CHED, highlighted that these institutions had signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with CHED to facilitate government assistance through RA 10931.

The Commission is currently reviewing potential violations of this MoA, and these non-compliant HEIs may face delisting from programs under RA 10931.

The Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) is a government grant designed to assist Filipino students covering the expenses of their tertiary education in both public and private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Eligible students in private HEIs can receive a subsidy of PhP 60,000.00 per academic year. This subsidy is applicable to students listed under the Listahanan 2.0 of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Alternatively, students residing and studying in areas without an existing state university or college are also eligible for the TES.


J. Prospero E. De Vera III, DPA


Commission on Higher Education

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