College of Charleston Tuition Fees for Students 2024

College of Charleston Tuition Fees Knowing the College of Charleston admission acceptance rate is important because it tells you the likelihood of getting admission into the college. Now, let’s talk about College of Charleston tuition fees for graduate and undergraduates students 2024-2025 academic year.

About College Of Charleston

The College of Charleston is a public university in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. It started in 1770, making it one of the oldest universities in the country. The college offers many different programs for students in various subjects.

The campus is a mix of old and new buildings, creating a special and pretty atmosphere. The College of Charleston is well-known for its history and good education. Students get to learn in a supportive and lively place.

The college wants students to do well in their studies. It encourages hands-on learning, research, and different activities. The goal is to help students think critically and understand the world.

Besides academics, the College of Charleston cares about community service. It wants students to be active in helping others. The college has a good reputation and is known for preparing students for success. It’s a place with a long history and a commitment to giving students a great education and overall college experience.


College Of Charleston Tuition Fees

List of Tuition fees for the College of Charleston for both undergraduate and graduate programs:

Undergraduate Fees: (per semester)

Laboratory Fees:

  • Biology: $75
  • Chemistry: $125
  • Geology: $75
  • Physics: $75
  • Astronomy: $75

Computer Science Lab Fee: $60

Language Lab Fee: $35

Applied Music Fee:

  • ½ Hour Course: $225
  • 1 Hour Course: $450

Studio Arts Fees (“Arts” Courses): $75

Psychology Lab Fee: $75

PEAC Course Fee: $30

ATEP Course Fee: $65

EXCS Course Fee: $90

HSH Experiential Learning Course Fee: $100

PEAC Women’s Self Defense: $108

PEAC Surfing: $60

Photography Course Fee: $75

Anthropology Course Fee (ANTH 493): $15 per credit

Anthropology Course Fee (ANTH 336): $50

Ice Skating Fee: $285

PE/Health 202 Lab Activities: $125

Outdoor Education: $300

Sailing Fee: $300

Golf Fee: $45

Scuba Fee: $85

Standup Paddleboarding: $240

Coastal Kayaking: $300

School of Business Fee (300 and 400 Level Classes): $75 per credit

School of Science and Math Fee (300 and 400 Level Classes): $50 per credit

Application Fee – Electronic: $60

Application Fee – Paper: $60 (Undergraduate) / $90 (Graduate)

Orientation Fee: $133

Graduate Matriculation Fee: $45

Convocation Fee: $15

Graduation Fee: $25 (Undergraduate) / $25 (Graduate)

Bridge Program Fee: $1,450

Graduation Application Late Fee: $25 (Undergraduate) / $25 (Graduate)

Transcript Fee: $12 (Paper) / $10 (Electronic)

Additional Fee for Fax: $5

Math Placement Fee: $25

Contract Courses: $140

Out of State Differential: $200

College Of Charleston Tuition Fees
College Of Charleston acceptance rate

Special Project Contract Courses (Per Credit Hour):

  • 3 Hour Course: $150 / Out of State Differential: $240
  • 2 Hour Course: $100 / Out of State Differential: $160
  • 1 Hour Course: $50 / Out of State Differential: $80

Study Abroad Fee: $150

Teachers Cadet Fee (High School): $50

Audit Fee (Per Credit Hour):

  • $522 (Resident)
  • $1,517 (Non-resident)

High School Dual Enrollment (Per Course): $450

Summer School Drop Fee (Per Course): $250

Senior Citizens Registration: $50

Duplicate ID: $20

Payment Plan Fee: $40

Returned Check Fee: $30

Late Payment Fee: 3.75%

Graduate Fees:

MBA Program Fee: $10,200

Executive MBA Program Fee: $11,500

Reach General Program Fee: $14,800

Counseling-Non-Cancellation Fee (Per Appointment): $25

These fees are per academic year unless otherwise specified. Please note that fees can change, and it’s advisable to check with the College of Charleston’s official Website




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