Ways to Study in the USA for Free in 2024

Is it really possible to study in USA for free? Many students around the world dream of getting a higher education in the USA. However, the high cost of living and expensive tuition fees often stand in the way of their dreams. Let’s explore some ways to make studying in the USA more affordable.

Considering all of this, the question comes up: Can you study in the USA for free?

The simple answer is yes, it’s totally possible to study for free in the USA.

You will need to do some hard work and research to turn this dream of yours into a reality. 

But you don’t need to worry about that either, we have done it for you.

There are many sources to study for free in the USA and fund your degree. Fully funded scholarships and financial aid are noteworthy among such sources. 

Apart from this, students can cover their education expenses to some extent by doing part-time jobs.

Students from other countries face different challenges when it comes to studying in the USA. But with the help of good planning and awareness of various financial sources, they can be controlled.

Learn How to Study in the USA for Free!

In this blog post, we’ll tell you how you can study in the USA without spending money. We’ll also discuss ways to get help, like scholarships and part-time jobs, to pay for your education. Dive in to discover the secrets of studying for free in the USA!

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Scholarships and Financial Aid To Study in the USA:

Scholarships and Financial Aid To Study in the USA
is it possible to study in the USA for free


Let’s talk about free education in the USA, and two of the most popular ways are scholarships and financial aid.

Scholarships come in different types, and they’re given based on how well you’ve done in your studies. Students from all around the world can get these scholarships if they meet certain educational and other requirements.

What’s cool about these scholarships? They not only cover your tuition fees but also give you some extra money every month. This helps you take care of your needs while you’re studying.

Excited to know more?

Stay tuned as we share details about some fully funded scholarships that can make studying in the USA absolutely free! 

Fulbright Scholar Program for Free Study in the USA


Ever heard of the Fulbright Scholar Program? It’s a fantastic opportunity for free study in the USA. This program allows international students to pursue their education at American universities, starting from graduation up to a PhD.

Eligibility Requirements:

To be part of this program, you need to meet certain criteria. They look at your educational background and other factors to make sure you’re a good fit.

Fully Funded Education:

The best part? If you get selected, they cover all your educational expenses. It’s like having a golden ticket to study for free in the USA! #FulbrightScholarProgram

Official website: https://fulbrightscholars.org/

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program for Free Study in the USA


Get ready for an incredible opportunity with the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program – a fully funded chance for mid-level professionals to study in the USA for one year.

Understanding American Culture:

This program is not just about studies; it’s about getting a deeper understanding of American culture and the political system. Foreign nationals can immerse themselves in the American way of life.

Cultural Exchange:

But it’s a two-way street! Participants also get to share their own culture and work experience with Americans. It’s a fantastic cultural exchange that goes both ways.

Areas of Study:

The program covers a variety of areas like rural development, communication, agriculture, economic development, public health, and law. You get to choose what fits your interests and career goals.

Eligibility and Changing Opportunities:

Certain countries have citizens eligible for this program every year. The list of eligible countries changes annually, opening the door for citizens from different parts of the world to study for free in the US.


And here’s the best part – the program covers all your expenses! From travel to accommodation to fees, you’re taken care of. Stay tuned for more details on how you can be part of this amazing program. #HumphreyFellowship

Visit Official website: https://www.humphreyfellowship.org/program-overview/

U.S. Department of State’s Federal Work-Study Program


Discover the U.S. Department of State’s Federal Work-Study Program – a scholarship that offers financial assistance to foreign nationals who enroll in a US university or college.

On-Campus Job Opportunities:

The cool part? Students who get this scholarship can do on-campus jobs to cover their education expenses. It’s like earning while you learn!

Visit Official website

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans


Discover the incredible opportunities provided by the Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans. This fellowship offers scholarships for graduate studies in the U.S., specifically designed for American immigrants and New Americans.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible, both parents must have been born outside the U.S. and ineligible for U.S. citizenship at their birth. If raised by a single parent, the eligibility criteria apply to the parent who raised you, and the other parent must not have been present in your life.

For First-Generation Americans:

  • Born abroad.
  • Naturalized U.S. citizen, adopted and a U.S. citizen, Green Card holder, or granted refugee or asylee status.
  • Graduated from high school and college in the U.S., including DACA recipients.

For Second-Generation Americans:

  • Born in the U.S. as a U.S. citizen.
  • Completed bachelor’s degree by the application time.
  • Under 30 years of age.

Application Process: If you meet the eligibility criteria, the application timeline is as follows:

  • Campus Deadline: September 28, 2023
  • National Deadline: October 26, 2023

Awards: Successful applicants can benefit from:

  • 50 percent coverage of required tuition and fees for one to two years, up to $20,000.
  • Stipend support ranging from $25,000 to $50,000.
  • Opportunities to attend alumni association events and connect with other fellows.
  • Participation in the annual conference in New York City during the fellowship.

Connect with Us: The Academic Fellowships Team is here to support you through the entire application process. For more information or to connect with us, please email fellowships@brandeis.edu.

Official website: https://www.pdsoros.org/

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program


Embark on a transformative journey with The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program, specially designed for graduate and undergraduate students eager to delve into critical languages.

Program Focus:

This scholarship offers vital financial support to students dedicated to studying critical languages. Immerse yourself in languages like Chinese, Persian, Arabic, Russian, and more.


Open to both graduate and undergraduate students, this program provides an opportunity for language enthusiasts to expand their linguistic horizons.

Financial Support:

Beneficiaries of the CLS Program receive essential financial assistance, making it possible to pursue in-depth studies in critical languages.

Application Process:

If you’re passionate about languages and ready to take on the challenge, the CLS Program awaits your application.

Official website: https://clscholarship.org/

Note: the Application portal is closed

Obama Foundation Scholar Program


Step into a world of impact with the Obama Foundation Scholar Program, offering fully funded fellowships for emerging leaders and policymakers.

Key Highlights:

One-year fully funded fellowships.

Targeted at emerging leaders worldwide focusing on global issues.

Academic Opportunity:

Beneficiaries of this program receive fully funded scholarships to pursue a Master of Arts degree for up to one year. This presents a unique chance to deepen understanding and expertise in areas of global importance.

Comprehensive Support:

The Obama Foundation Scholar Program covers all expenses, including travel and accommodation, ensuring scholars can fully concentrate on their studies and impactful initiatives.

Application Advice:

To seize these scholarships and financial aid opportunities, it’s crucial to stay informed about deadlines. If you’re from an eligible country, verify and safeguard all required documents.

Official website: https://www.obama.org/programs/scholars/

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Part Time Jobs To Fund Your Education:

Part Time Jobs To Fund Your Education:
is it possible to study in the USA for free: check out

Foreign students in the US are allowed to work part time on campus and off campus.

It helps the students to meet their educational and other expenses. Working part time requires students to maintain their student status and continue to take regular classes.

Apart from all this, it is necessary for students to have an I-20 form. And they must abide by all the rules of their school.

Below are some part time work examples which help students to manage their expenses :

  • On Campus Work
  • Off Campus Job opportunity
  • Curricular Practical Training (CPT)
  • Optional Practical Training
  • Freelancing

By taking advantage of these part time job opportunities, foreign students can manage resources for their studies.

FAQs: Is it possible to study in the USA for free?

Is it Possible To Study In The USA For Free
is it possible to study in the USA for free

Can I study in the USA for free if I am a refugee or asylum seeker?

It is critical to confirm the policies and availability of such alternatives with the specific school or programme. Some colleges and organisations may offer free or low-cost education to refugees and asylum seekers.

Are there any community college or vocational schools in the USA that offer free education?

Through the use of scholarships or partnerships with neighbourhood businesses and organisations, vocational schools and the community colleges in the USA may provide free or inexpensive education. 

It is worthwhile to conduct research and inquire about such options at the colleges or schools of interest.

Can I study in the USA for free if I am from a low-income family or background?

For students from low-income homes or backgrounds, several colleges and organisations may provide financial help, scholarships, or other types of support.

Can I work while I study in the USA to cover my expenses?

Overseas students are often allowed to work a specific number of hours per week on campus, although this may not be enough to cover all costs. 

Additionally, under specific conditions, some individuals can qualify for permission to work outside campus.

Conclusion: is it possible to study in the USA for free?

In conclusion, If you meet the requirements, you may be able to study in the US for free. Various organizations and universities offer scholarships and financial aid. This helps  foreign students to fulfill their dream of studying in America.

Apart from these, part time job opportunities are also available so that you can bear the educational expenses to some extent. 


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