University of North Carolina Asheville Acceptance Rate 2024

What is UNC Asheville Acceptance Rate? The University of North Carolina, UNC Asheville has a somewhat selective admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 82%. Successful applicants typically present an average SAT score ranging from 1130 to 1330 or an average ACT score between 22 and 29.

About University of North Carolina Asheville.

UNC Asheville is a public university in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s known for teaching a variety of subjects, encouraging students to learn in different ways. The campus is in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, offering a peaceful place to study.

The university is not very big, which means students can build close relationships with their teachers. UNC Asheville focuses on subjects like humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and fine arts.

The university believes in helping the local community and taking care of the environment. They want students to learn and make a positive impact on the world.

If you’re looking for a place with a small community feel, a focus on different ways of learning, and a commitment to making a positive impact, UNC Asheville might be the right fit for you.

Will You Get Into UNC Asheville?

To figure out if you’ll get into UNC Asheville, it helps to know the typical test scores and high school GPA of students they accept. On average, accepted students at UNC Asheville have an SAT score between 1130 and 1330, or an ACT score between 22 and 29.

Additionally, a solid high school GPA is important. While there’s no specific GPA mentioned here, having a good academic record will enhance your chances.

Remember, these are averages, so individual cases may vary. If your scores and GPA align with or exceed these averages, you might have a good chance of being accepted.

University of North Carolina Asheville Acceptance Rate 2024
University of North Carolina Asheville Acceptance Rate


UNC Asheville Acceptance Rate: Important Dates and Admission Requirement

Admissions Statistics:

  • Acceptance Rate: 82%
  • Total Applicants: 4,550

Test Scores:

  • SAT Range: 1130-1330
    • SAT Reading: 580-690
    • SAT Math: 550-640
  • ACT Range: 22-29
    • ACT English: 20-30
    • ACT Math: 19-26
    • ACT Writing: 6-8
  • Students Submitting SAT: 17%
  • Students Submitting ACT: 33%

Admissions Deadlines:

  • Application Deadline: February 1
  • Early Action Deadline: November 1

Application Details:

  • Application Fee: $75 (Note: Application fee may vary by program and may be waived for certain students. Please check with the school.)
  • Application Website:

Application Platforms:

  • Accepts Common App: Yes
  • Accepts Coalition App: No

Admissions Requirements:

  1. High School GPA:
    • Requirement: Yes
  2. High School Rank:
    • Requirement: Yes
  3. High School Transcript:
    • Requirement: Yes
  4. College Prep Courses:
    • Requirement: Yes
  5. SAT/ACT:
    • Considered but not required: Yes
  6. Recommendations:
    • Requirement: Yes

Student Poll Results:

  • 84% of students say the admissions process made them feel like the school cared about them as an applicant. (19 responses)
  • 84% of students feel the admissions process evaluated them individually as a real person, not just a set of numbers.

How to Apply to University of North Carolina Asheville Admission:

  1. Start Your Application:
    • It’s as simple as that! UNC Asheville is currently accepting applications for 2024. Take the first step to begin your admission process.
  2. Explore Beyond the Classroom:
    • Immerse yourself in an education that goes beyond traditional boundaries. UNC Asheville offers an experience that extends from the energetic heart of Asheville to the rugged terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  3. Impactful Learning Journey:
    • Discover that what starts on our campus will have a lasting impact on your community, your career, and your entire life.
  4. Navigate Your Future:
    • This page is designed to help you navigate the initial steps toward an invigorating future. Follow the outlined application deadlines and requirements.
  5. Becoming a UNC Asheville Bulldog:
    • Join the UNC Asheville community and initiate your journey toward a dynamic future. Your educational adventure awaits!

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