Siena College Acceptance Rate and Admissions Requirements 2024

Siena College Acceptance Rate 2024 is OutKnowing the Siena College admission acceptance rate is important because it tells you the likelihood of getting admitted. Now, let’s talk about Siena College Acceptance Rate and Admissions Requirements.

About Siena College

Siena College is a school that believes in teaching not just from books but also values like kindness and fairness. They have different classes for students to learn different things. The school is in New York, and they want students to do more than just study – they want them to experience things like working in companies or studying in other countries. The school is not too hard to get into; they like students who are both smart and nice. They look at how well students did in high school and consider test scores. If you want to go to Siena College, you have a good chance of getting in. The school is in a nice place called Loudonville, and they have lots of activities for students. Overall, about 76 out of 100 students who apply get accepted.

Siena College Acceptance Rate and Admissions Requirements 2024
Siena College admission Acceptance Rate


Siena College Acceptance Rate:

  • 76%

Ideal Student Profile:

Siena seeks smart, ambitious, and kindhearted students. Ideal candidates demonstrate interest through visits or admissions interviews. A strong high school academic program with a grade of 85 or better is preferred.

Accepted Applicants Profile:

  • SAT Scores: 980 – 1180
  • ACT Scores: 22 – 28
  • Average GPA: 3.5

How Hard Is It to Get into Siena College:

  • Applicant Selectivity: Moderately Selective
  • Siena looks for mid-range SAT or ACT scores, a solid GPA, and completion of college prep courses.

Comparison to Other Colleges:

  • Siena’s acceptance rate is 33% higher than the national average of 57%.

Nearby College Acceptance Rates:

  • Barnard College: 20%
  • Colgate University: 27%
  • Columbia University: 7%
  • Cornell University: 15%
  • Hartwick College: 81%
  • Houghton College: 95%
  • Skidmore College: 36%
  • Union College (NY): 38%
  • Vassar College: 26%
  • Wells College: 63%
Siena College Acceptance Rate and Admissions Requirements 2024
Siena Acceptance Rate and Admissions

Siena college Admissions Requirements:

  • Students can use the Siena Fast-Forward Application or the Common Application.
  • The application essay can be replaced with a graded paper.
  • Guidance counselor recommendation and official high school transcript are required.
  • SAT or ACT scores are optional if 19 credits in core subjects are completed.
  • Some programs may require standardized test scores.
  • Admissions interview is highly recommended.

Applicants and Enrolled Students (Percentages):

  • Total Applicants: 6,905
    • Men: 43%
    • Women: 57%
  • Admitted: 76
    • Men: 77%
    • Women: 75%
  • Enrolled: 14
    • Men: 16%
    • Women: 13%

Average Standardized Test Scores:

  • SAT Section Score Range:
    • Critical Reading: 480 – 590
    • Math: 500 – 590
    • Total Score: 980 – 1180
  • ACT Section Score Range:
    • Composite Score: 22 – 28

Academic Performance:

  • High school academic performance of enrolled students at Siena.


In conclusion, Siena College has an acceptance rate of 76%, which means that a good number of students who apply to the college get accepted. This suggests that Siena is welcoming to a diverse group of students. The college values not only academic abilities but also qualities like kindness. With a focus on hands-on learning and a commitment to values like social justice, Siena College aims to provide a well-rounded and inclusive education.

NOTE: This information gives a comprehensive overview of Siena College acceptance rate, admissions requirements, and the academic profile of accepted students. Official website 

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