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Housing Scholarship 2024-2025, Proudly Sponsored by Vincennes University.

Vincennes University Housing Scholarship Application 2024-2025

Vincennes University is pleased to announce the availability of the Fully Funded Housing Scholarship Program for 2024-2025 academic year. We are inviting applications from suitable qualified candidates who are interested in pursuing their education at Vincennes University through the Housing Scholarship Program.

Vincennes University Housing Scholarship Application 2024-2025

About Housing Scholarship 

Save $2,000 for the 2023-2024 Academic Year!

Starting in the 2023-2024 academic year, all newly admitted students will be eligible to receive the Residential Opportunity Scholarship, which provides up to $2,000 in housing support for one year of study. This scholarship specifically applies to on-campus Residence Halls.

For New Students:

  1. Begin by submitting your application to Vincennes University.
  2. Once you have been admitted, proceed to apply for university housing. If you’ve already been accepted to VU and have completed your housing application, no further action is required.

For Returning Students:

If you are a returning student, simply submit your housing application. If you have already submitted your housing application, congratulations, you’re all set!

IMPORTANT NOTICES: The Residential Opportunity Scholarship is applied to any remaining housing balances after all other grants and scholarships have been applied. This scholarship is available to both newly admitted and returning Vincennes University (VU) students, including those who transfer from another VU campus or online program. However, to be eligible for this scholarship, students must maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined for financial aid eligibility.

Financial Aid Eligibility:

Federal and state financial aid is provided to students with the expectation that they will successfully complete their academic programs. To remain eligible for financial aid, students must meet certain standards for satisfactory academic progress (SAP). These standards are evaluated at the end of each semester, and students must meet or exceed them to continue receiving federal and state financial aid for the subsequent semester.

There are three key standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) at Vincennes University:

  1. Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA):
    • While attempting fewer than 12 credit hours: 1.7
    • After attempting 12 credit hours: 1.8
    • After attempting 30 credit hours: 1.9
    • After attempting 45 credit hours: 2.0
  2. Cumulative Completion Rate or Pace:
    • While attempting fewer than 12 credit hours: 50%
    • After attempting 12 credits: Pass 60%
    • After attempting 30 credits: Pass 63%
    • After attempting 45 credits: Pass 67%
  3. Maximum Timeframe:
    • Assuming students meet or exceed the minimum GPA and completion rate standards, they are allowed to receive financial aid for up to 150% of the total number of credits required to complete their degree or certificate. For instance, if an associate degree program requires 64 credits, students are eligible for financial aid for up to 96 credits (64 x 1.5). Likewise, students in a certificate program that requires 30 credits can receive financial aid for up to 45 credits (30 x 1.5).

Please Note: For students to maintain satisfactory academic progress to remain eligible for financial aid and, by extension, the Residential Opportunity Scholarship. This scholarship specifically applies to the Vincennes Campus of Vincennes University.

Check out: Scholarship Application Form 2023-2024 for Returning Students 

How to Apply for Housing Scholarship 2024-2025

  1. Click on the “APPLY FOR HOUSING” link.
    • Make sure you have your MYVU login credentials to access the housing contract.
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully.
    • These terms outline important aspects of your housing contract, including deposits, cancellations, conduct, and other essential information.
    • You must agree to the contents of the Terms and Conditions before proceeding.
  3. After reading the Terms and Conditions, fill out the housing contract.
    • To complete the contract, you must pay your deposit in full.
    • Only after completing the contract and paying the deposit will you be assigned a residence hall room.

Additional Information:

  • Any requested changes must be submitted in writing to the Housing Office by July 1st for consideration. Please send your requests to HOUSING@VINU.EDU. Note that changes are not guaranteed.
  • Room assignments for the upcoming Fall semester will be available in mid-July. Students are assigned based on the date of payment of the damage deposit and prepayments.
  • Roommate requests must be mutual, with all individuals providing their roommate’s name and information.
  • For suites in Clark and Vanderburgh, where 2 double rooms exist and 4 individuals share the suite/bathroom, you may submit roommate requests for the entire suite. Please email the Housing Office with this information. Assignments are based on availability and the date the contract is submitted along with the deposit.
  • Roommate requests are not guaranteed, and those received after July 1st may not be considered.
  • Students requesting a single room will need to pay a $400.00 prepayment in addition to the $150 damage deposit when submitting their contract. Single rooms incur an additional fee per semester on top of regular Room and Board charges.
  • Assignments for single rooms are based on the date of payment of deposits/prepayments and availability.
  • Vincennes University has partnered with ROOMSURF, a roommate matching service to help students find roommates. This service is exclusively available to Vincennes University students.
  • To use ROOMSURF, students should log in using their Facebook credentials. Please note that a basic Facebook profile is required to access this service.
  • To access ROOMSURF, students should use the following passkey (case sensitive): PASSKEY: VUTrailblazer1801.

Click Here to visit the official website Link

Apply to be a Trailblazer

To apply to be a Trailblazer at Vincennes University, you can follow these steps:

Returning Users:

  1. Log in to continue your application.
    • kindly provide your:
      • Email Address
      • Password
    • If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click on “Forgot Your Password?” for assistance.

First-time Users:

  1. Create an account to start a new application.
    • provide the following information:
      • Email Address
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Birthdate
    • Note: It’s recommended not to use your school email address here, as you may lose access to it in the future. Thank you!

If you need any help with the application process, you can contact the admissions staff at Vincennes University using the following contact information:

  • Email: vuadmit@vinu.edu
  • Telephone: 812.888.4313

Office Hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm EST

Once you’ve completed your application, you’ll be on your way to becoming a Trailblazer at Vincennes University. Good luck with your application!

Here is a list of majors offered, listed alphabetically:

  1. Accounting Principles Certificate, C.G.
  2. Accounting, A.S.C.T.
  3. Accounting, C.G.
  4. Accounting, C.P.C.
  5. Advanced Accounting Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  6. Advanced CNC Machining and Programming Technology, A.S.C.T.
  7. Advanced Culinary Techniques Certificate, C.P.C.
  8. Advanced Cyber Security and Information Assurance Certificate, C.P.C.
  9. Advanced Manufacturing Robotics and Mechatronics Program, A.S.C.T.
  10. Advanced Manufacturing Technology – Controls and Automation Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  11. Advanced Quality Management, C.P.C.


  1. Agribusiness – Urban Agriculture Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  2. Agribusiness Agronomy Certificate, C.G.
  3. Agribusiness Certificate, C.G.
  4. Agribusiness Certificate, C.P.C.
  5. Agribusiness – Animal Husbandry Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  6. Agribusiness – Horticulture and Landscape Design Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  7. Agribusiness, A.S.
  8. Agribusiness, A.S.C.T.
  9. American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, A.A.
  10. American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, C.P.C.
  11. Architectural Studies Technology/CAD – Building Information Modeling (BIM) Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  12. Architectural Studies Technology/CAD, A.S.C.T.
  13. Architecture Engineering Construction (AEC) Industry Technician Certificate, C.G.
  14. Art – Design: Graphic Design/Visual Communication Emphasis, A.S.
  15. Art – General Studio Concentration, A.S.
  16. Art – Photography Concentration, A.S.
  17. Art – Pre-Art Therapy Concentration, A.S.
  18. Art, A.A.
  19. Art, A.S.
  20. Assistive and Instructional Technology, C.P.C.
  21. Auto Body Repair Certificate, C.G.
  22. Automotive Service Technology Certificate, C.G.
  23. Automotive Technology, A.S.C.T.
  24. Aviation Flight Technology – Aviation Flight Jet Access Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  25. Aviation Flight Technology Certificate, C.G.
  26. Aviation Flight Technology, A.S.C.T.
  27. Aviation Maintenance Technician, A.S.C.T.
  28. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Airframe Certificate, C.G.
  29. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Airframe Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  30. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Military Airframe Certificate, C.G.
  31. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Military Airframe Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  32. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Military Powerplant Certificate, C.G.
  33. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Military Powerplant Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  34. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Power-Plant Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  35. Aviation Maintenance Technology – Powerplant Add-On Certificate, C.G.
  36. Banking, C.P.C.
  37. Behavioral Sciences – Human Services Certificate, C.P.C.
  38. Behavioral Sciences, A.A.
  39. Behavioral Sciences, A.S.
  40. Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Concentration A.A.
  41. Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Concentration A.S. Transfer
  42. Behavioral Sciences, Sociology Concentration A.A.
  43. Behavioral Sciences, Sociology Concentration A.S. Transfer
  44. Biological, Biomedical Sciences – Biology Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  45. Biological, Biomedical Sciences – Cellular Biology and Genetics Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  46. Biological, Biomedical Sciences – Exercise Science Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  47. Biological, Biomedical Sciences – Pre-Medical Careers Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  48. Biological, Biomedical Sciences – Zoology and Marine Biology Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  49. Biological, Biomedical Sciences, A.S.
  50. Broadcasting – Broadcast Journalism Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  51. Broadcasting – Broadcast Journalism Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  52. Broadcasting, A.S. Transfer
  53. Broadcasting, A.S.C.T.
  54. Business & Industry Skills Now – Industrial Maintenance Certificate, C.P.C.
  55. Business & Industry Skills Now – Industrial Maintenance, C.G.
  56. Business Administration, A.S.
  57. Business Management – Direct Supervision Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  58. Business Management – Finance Concentration (Jasper), A.S.C.T.
  59. Business Management Direct Supervision, C.G.
  60. Business Management Direct Supervision, C.P.C.
  61. Business Management, A.S.C.T.
  62. Business Office Management Technology Certificate, C.G.


  1. Chemical Sciences – Chemistry and Biochemistry Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  2. Chemical Sciences – Pre-Dental and Pre-Optometry Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  3. Chemical Sciences – Pre-Pharmacy and Clinical Sciences Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  4. Chemical Sciences – Pre-Veterinary Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  5. Chemical Sciences, A.S.
  6. Child Development, A.S.C.T.
  7. Clerical – General (Jasper), C.P.C.
  8. Collision Repair and Refinishing, A.S.C.T.
  9. Computer Science, A.S.
  10. Construction Carpenter Assistant, C.G.
  11. Construction Technology, A.S.C.T.
  12. Cosmetology, A.S.C.T.
  13. Culinary Arts – Baking and Pastry Arts Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  14. Culinary Arts, A.S.
  15. Culinary Arts, A.S.C.T.
  16. Culinary Arts, Restaurant and Food Services, and Hotel/Motel Management Certificate, C.G.
  17. Cyber Security and Network Operations Certificate, C.G.
  18. Cyber Security and Networking Certificate, C.P.C.
  19. Cyber Security, A.S.C.T.


  1. Diesel Service Technology Certificate, C.G.
  2. Diesel Technology – John Deere AG-Tech Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  3. Diesel Technology – Power Generation Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  4. Diesel Technology – Precision Agriculture Technician Concentration, A.S.C.T.
  5. Diesel Technology, A.S.C.T.
  6. Drone/UAS Certification, C.P..


  1. Education – Art Grades K-12 (All Grade), A.A.
  2. Education – Art Grades K-12 (All Grade), A.S.
  3. Education – Biology Concentration, A.S. Transfer
  4. Education – Business Concentration, A.S.
  5. Education – Chemistry Concentration (Grades 5-12), A.S. Transfer
  6. Education – Early Childhood Concentration Pre-Kindergarten, A.S. Transfer
  7. Education – Elementary Education (Grades K-6), A.S.
  8. Education – English Concentration (Grades 9-12), A.S.
  9. Education – Family and Consumer Sciences Concentration Grades 7-12, A.S.
  10. Education – Health Promotion/Health Education Concentration Grades 7-12 (Secondary), A.S.
  11. Education – Intense Interventions Certificate, C.P.C.
  12. Education – Mathematics, A.A.
  13. Education – Mathematics, A.S.
  14. Education – Mathematics, B.A.
  15. Education – Mathematics, B.S.
  16. Education – Physical Education Concentration Grades K-12, A.S.




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