Virginia Tobacco Scholarship Program 2024-2025

Want to know about Virginia Tobacco Scholarship Program 2024 ? or if you want to apply and don’t know the procedure. Then you are luckily at the right place because in this article we will guide you with everything you need to know about the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship. Along with the requirements and how to apply smoothly. 

virginia tobacco scholarship

As we know that scholarship programs are very common around the world today. Plus there are a number of them out there.

So stick till the end and surely you won’t regret it. Because this article will make you understand all the stuff just like a piece of cake. 

What is Virginia Tobacco Scholarship?

The Virginia Tobacco Scholarship is a financial aid program that helps students earn a bachelor’s degree without financial hardships.

The Virginia Tobacco Scholarship was established in 2002. It was a work of the Virginia Tobacco Regional Revitalization Commission. The main aim of this project was to help students achieve quality education without incurring a large financial burden. Since 2002 it has benefited a lot of students and has proved to be a great project.

The program has evolved over the past few years. It now functions more like a payback/talent attraction subsidy program.

This might have made it less beneficial but in fact, this did not prevent students from benefiting from the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship. 

Keep on reading as the registrations are opening soon for the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship and we don’t want you to miss it. Below you’ll find all the requirements and the process of applying. 

Virginia Tobacco Scholarship Requirements:

To be eligible for the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship, you must meet certain requirements. Below all of them are briefly explained for your ease:

  1. You have to be a US resident, live in the Southwest or Southern region for a year or more, and have a certification from the US Department of Agriculture.
  2. Your academic grades in school will affect your application. This means you must have a good GPA, this will give you a higher chance.
  3. You must be enrolled in any recognized institution in the country for a bachelor’s program for which you can apply for the scholarship. 
  4. The original and official grade transcript that contains your GPA should be attached. 
  5. The minimum GPA you should have for applying for the scholarship is 2.0. 
  6. If you are a descendant of tobacco quota holders/growers between 1998 and 2004, this will help you have a better chance of getting a scholarship. 
  7. A completed  FAFSA form is also a must-have for the application. 
  8. High school students are ineligible for The Virginia Tobacco Scholarship, so you should be a student at any tertiary institution. 

Worth of the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship: Virginia Tobacco Scholarship Program

It’ll intrigue you to know that you’ll admit $90 for every semester hour. You’ll inversely get $60 every if your institution operates on a quarter-hour basis. 

On the other hand, if you transfer 60 credits from a community college to an hourly institution, you are eligible to receive $100.

This means that the Tobacco Community Activation Committee will fully fund one academic year through the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship.

However, the scholarship program expires after two semesters unless the aforementioned monetary value remains through the summer. That’s not all; you can apply for a $1,000 annual work stipend for each semester scholarship.

Benefits the Winner will Receive: 

Winners are automatically eligible for a one-year full-time employment offer upon completion of the academic program.

Similarly, you are eligible to be employed by a company affiliated with the Tobacco Regional Board, that pays at least $2000 per month.

Considering the fantastic opportunities and financial benefits, you would agree that this is one of the most lucrative scholarships that should not be underestimated. Let’s just hop into the discussion of applying for this scholarship. 

Applying For The Virginia Tobacco Scholarship: 

  • Firstly you should make sure that you have provided all the requirements that are mentioned above. 
  • Visit the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship Online Application Portal.
  • The second thing you have to do is find and fill the form with authentic and correct information. The data you are providing should be free of errors. 
  • After the submission of the application, you have to submit your GPA transcript.
  • If you are lucky and your application gets approved, you will get contacted through email by The Tobacco Commission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Why does the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship application gets rejected? 

The Organizing Committee may not be able to accept your application due to several factors. Which include:

  • Low GPA
  • You might not be enrolled in the institutions that are accepted. 
  • There must be some incompleteness in the application method. 
  • Some of the required documents could be missing. 
  • You might be living in a city for which this scholarship is not eligible.
  • If you are asking to fund the same degree again that is not allowed.

How will I know if I have won the scholarship?

The responsible committee will contact you via your registered email address to inform you of positive developments.

So pay attention to the emails sent to your address by the Tobacco Commission and make sure you don’t miss anything.

Will the scholarship money be paid directly to the school or will I receive it?

Payment will be made directly to the institute immediately after invoicing the organizer. As mentioned above, you will receive an email that you have been selected as one of their beneficiaries. 

This message contains an attachment (principal promissory note) that requires an electronic signature to make it relevant. 

Therefore, the promissory note must be signed and returned to the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship organizer for further consideration. 

The Scholarship Committee will contact your school for the necessary information before approving your application. 

However, you may need to consult with your school administrator regarding payment methods. Therefore, keep in regular contact with the school administration until payment is received.

How will my school know of my award?

The relevant committee will contact the school via their official email address to notify them of the award.

Does it get automatically renewed or reapplying is needed every year?

Despite being awarded a scholarship, you must submit the required documentation each year to update your application status.


This was all the information you might have needed about the Virginia Tobacco Scholarship. 

We tried to cover every part of it, from the basic information to the application method. We hope that you got what you were looking for. That is a wrap for this article. 

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